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Vedic Fire Ceremony

30 Sep

We just held our first Vedic Fire Ceremony (Homa or Yagna) at Hariharalaya on this beautiful full moon day.

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The fire is such a great teacher and purifier – reflecting back our inner fires, the fire of time that consumes all experience and objects, the light in our core, the power of transformation, the spark of the Divine, the all-consuming lover…

In this way, we held a ceremony for purification – burning the seeds of the past, embracing the wholeness of the present, in our bodies and in all bodies. We pay our respects to the fire, the fire of life and death, the fire of truth and ignorance, the fire of becoming and being – offering flower, fruit, grains, oil and rice.

On this day we chanted the Ganesh Mantra, Siva Mantra, Saraswati Mantra, Gayatri Mantra, Hare Krishna Maha Mantra and the 108 Names of Shivabalayogi. We will perform fire ceremonies for purification four times per month (full moon, half moon, new moon and half moon). Here are some pictures from this morning. Enjoy!!!


Recommended reading of the week

22 Sep

This weeks recommended reading:

The Essential Gandhi                                           Gandhi

Journey of Awakening                                        Ram Dass

God Speaks                                                              Meher Baba

The Grass Grows by Itself                                  Osho

Ruchira Avatara Gita                                           Adi Da

Poems from beyond i

22 Sep


if poem
were i
something other
than i
then i would
and but
and do and don’t
as if
i were
and is
and will
be i
and subject
to and of
from here
nothing i
can will
or were
but going
gone i
beyond i
am i
and on
the wheel spins

back to the earth

21 Sep
back to the earth
and the cells
and the wind
back to the breath
that knows itself
in All
back to the sun
and the moon
and the sky
coming home
we are home

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over the last two years we have been living with and on the land

from the land and for the land in the land and of the land

where land ends and sky begins

the endless horizon of experience

we have been planting seeds and weeding and sculpting and surfing

the land

and then two months ago

i said


i wanted to give the land a chance to sing and fly and shout

so we just sat and watched


and being

allowing for

the knowing arises from within

beyond name and form

and the names are a gateway

a bridge

a portal

into the over-standing of wholeness

and the magic that lies within

here are some photos

as we learn to fly on the land

kissing mother earth and father sky

with our toes

here is also a list of names and properties

of what can be found,

living and breathing

just around

the bend.

love always






20 Sep

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After an unexpected adventure in the mountains of Preah Vihear, I encountered a Khmer who hunted crystals – beautiful, ancient, mirrors into the soul of the earth – batteries of cosmic energy to repattern our modern jumble – magnets of power and peace and balance – portals into the story of time and evolution – chakras of the earth – gods and goddesses of the stone kingdom – journeys into the depths of the soul of creation – protectors, healers, empowerers…

At first I was creating crystal and copper necklaces in a series entitled Seed in the Womb… now I have been moved to create this Spirit Warrior Series

For meditation, healing, manifesting and protection

7 crystals mixed with copper and lotus seeds.

Remember your source

Remember your oneness

Remember your true form before you were born

Remember your infinite being and joy



20 Sep

each breath – a passing prayer, a reminder of our oneness, of our beginningless and endlessness.

each ray of light – shining through the crystal of time, warming our hearts

and melting the ice of our cold reason.

each day – an infinite invitation, to dance with the sun, of truth and joy and love

each name and form – a reflection of the All – the one in many and many in one





20 Sep

Kambocha is back in action at Hariharalaya.

After sleeping in our fridge for over 1 year, we are happy to report that our K. Mamma, all the way from Australia (thanks to Ethos Vegetarian in Bangkok), is alive and well. She is currently propogating a large container of jasmine green tea and sugar.

Living and healing foods – awake within the cycle of life. Nourishing our bodies, minds and souls.

Spreading the joy of being.