back to the earth

21 Sep
back to the earth
and the cells
and the wind
back to the breath
that knows itself
in All
back to the sun
and the moon
and the sky
coming home
we are home

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over the last two years we have been living with and on the land

from the land and for the land in the land and of the land

where land ends and sky begins

the endless horizon of experience

we have been planting seeds and weeding and sculpting and surfing

the land

and then two months ago

i said


i wanted to give the land a chance to sing and fly and shout

so we just sat and watched


and being

allowing for

the knowing arises from within

beyond name and form

and the names are a gateway

a bridge

a portal

into the over-standing of wholeness

and the magic that lies within

here are some photos

as we learn to fly on the land

kissing mother earth and father sky

with our toes

here is also a list of names and properties

of what can be found,

living and breathing

just around

the bend.

love always





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