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Tantric Buddhism in Cambodia

31 Oct

Cambodia has a long history of esoteric Buddhist meditation practices. In the 1960s and 70s French researcher Francois Bizot visited many of the practitioners and translated several texts on the practices and philosophy. Unfortunately much was lost during the war and now it is very difficult to find anything on the subject. Here is an article by a student of Maha Ghosananda that reveals several aspects of this tradition. Very interesting read!

Theravada Tantra in Cambodia


Hariharalaya Cookbook – get it while it’s hot!!!

27 Oct

Dear Hariharalaya World Family:

We are overjoyed to finally announce the release of the long awaited Cooking with Consciousness: A Cambodian and International Vegan Cookbook. The book includes 94 of your favorite recipes from Hariharalaya – over 30 Cambodian Vegan Meals. Each recipe includes a vibrant colorful photo and simple instructions on how to prepare. The different sections range from Breakfasts, Smoothies, Dips and Dressings, Salads, Side Dishes, Main Dishes, Soups, Pastas and Desserts. Discover and share all your cherished memories of nourishing yourself and your community!

This cookbook is an offering from our hearts. After many requests for recipes and blissful cooking classes, we finally dared to embark on the journey of putting it all together in an easy to use, colorful and joyful cookbook. It has taken over 5 months in total, using much of our free time as well as help and support from many guests to complete this endeavor. We are asking for a contribution of $12 for the electronic version of the cookbook. If you would like to order several copies as gifts for friends or family, we request $6 per additional copy. All of the money goes back to supporting our many projects at Hariharalaya Retreat Centre, enabling us to continue to hold space for the awakening of consciousness, hearts and minds at a reasonable cost, as well as supporting our ever growing staff and family.  You can make a contribution via our secure PayPal account – We greatly appreciate your support and all of the love that everyone has shared with us and continues to share with us daily!

If you would like to order one or more copies, please make a contribution on paypal including an email address where we can send your Hariharalaya Cookbook. We will do our best to deliver within 24 hours. In order to whet your appetite we have included a few pages as a sample. Enjoy!

We are also happy to announce the publication of “beyond i” (a collection of poems from 2007-2012) by joel altman.

As a special intial offer, we will include a pdf copy of the poetry along with your cookbook order for an additional $3. 

If you would like to order the poetry book by itself, we ask for a contribution of $5. We have also included the foreward and a poem from this new collection.


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You are Conscious, All Pervasive and Perfect.

26 Oct

You are conscious, all-pervasive and perfect. The universe is not at all different from you. What is it that you want to renounce? What are you running after to possess? There is nothing in the world but you. It is you who pervade the universe, who are the perfect and undying principle. There is no difference between you and the world. There is no duality. You fill the whole universe, without differentiation. You are the serene, imperishable, and pure Kundalini, the light of Consciousness. There never was and never will be any ignorance in you. You are the play of universal Consciousness. You are the untainted and unchangeable play of pure Chiti (Consciousness).

Wherever you look, whatever you see, is all your own light. Nothing is different from you. You are present in everything. You should not think of such distinctions as, “I am here, I am not there.” Instead, your constant meditation should be the thought, “I am everywhere, I am the Self of all.” Nothing other than you exists in the world. You are pure Consciousness; you are pure Reality. The whole visible universe is a vibration of you. Why are you suffering when there is no reason for it? Everything is saturated with Chiti. You were real in the very beginning, you are real now, and you will remain real forever.  You do not actually come and go. You are not in bondage, so where is the question of being liberated? Do not let your mind get caught up in the conflicts of desires and doubts. You are everywhere in your fullness; you are the ever blissful Reality.

Muktananda  “Play of Consciousness”

Calling all yogis, artists, musicians, alchemists, dancers, permaculturists, administrators and more!!!

13 Oct

Brothers and sisters of the planet earth – just a few words to let you know that we have ongoing opportunities to join us as Resident Community Staff at Hariharalaya.

Take a few months out to follow your dreams and explore yourself and your passions while participating in an active spiritual community in  the Cambodian countryside. Every day brings new and unexpected projects, experiences, joys and creations.

If you are open minded, flexible and interested in a life of interconnected wholeness, then you may want to drop in for an extended visit.  As resident community staff you are still able to participate in most if not all classes, programs and projects. In exchange for 25 – 30 hours a week of work/play/exploration, we offer free room, board and programming. We request a minimum of 2 months committment, special exceptions may be made on a case to case basis.

If you are interested please contact us at


6 Oct

All of life is dance. All form, energy, thought, emotion, color, sound is dance. We are resonating in infinite dimensions with the whole of life. We need to come back to the breath of life, the dance of life – and experience the feeling of being alive, in our cells, in our mind and bodies, in our wholeness. Back to the simple joy of being, flying free beyond the limitations of body, space and time. Dancing our souls fire, water, wind and earth. Dancing the mystery of life, of forever today, of right here right now. The dance reconnects us with our basic joy of life. It releases the weight and strain of evolution and lifts us to the lightness of the spirit. Yoga remains in patterns of form and sequence, dance offers spontaneous, ecstatic, unexpected bursts of life and light, infinite combinations of body, sweat and rhythm.

Deeply inspired by the traditions of Contact Improvisation, Butoh, Gabrielle Roth’s 5 Rhythms and Group Motion, we will continue to explore the depths of our bodily, mental, vital and spiritual experiences existing within time and space, embodying these forms under the pressure of gravity, expressing our vertical spines and human beauty.

We will have at least two ecstatic dance jams/meditations in our open air yoga hut overlooking the endless fields of rice and clouds. Awaken your soul under the moon and stars to the beat of your heart and fly, fly fly!!!

Every SUNDAY at 6 pm.

Further times to be announced!


6 Oct

At Hariharalaya we are opening our hearts and kitchen to give you a chance to share one of your favorite (national or otherwise) dishes. We are open to (vegan) cuisine from all around the world – and we can always help to adapt recipes.

So far we have had some Israeli meals, an Italian meal (including pumpkin gnocchi and foccacia) and a recent Moldovan meal. It is such a grounding and inspiring process to cook and share food with others. A beautiful way to feel at home wherever we are. Come with a few recipes and we will schedule you in for a meal.

You may also make our second cookbook which will gocus on Hariharlaya Guest meals and vegan sauces from around the world  (I know, the first one is almost done).

Be inspired, be whole, be love!!!