6 Oct

All of life is dance. All form, energy, thought, emotion, color, sound is dance. We are resonating in infinite dimensions with the whole of life. We need to come back to the breath of life, the dance of life – and experience the feeling of being alive, in our cells, in our mind and bodies, in our wholeness. Back to the simple joy of being, flying free beyond the limitations of body, space and time. Dancing our souls fire, water, wind and earth. Dancing the mystery of life, of forever today, of right here right now. The dance reconnects us with our basic joy of life. It releases the weight and strain of evolution and lifts us to the lightness of the spirit. Yoga remains in patterns of form and sequence, dance offers spontaneous, ecstatic, unexpected bursts of life and light, infinite combinations of body, sweat and rhythm.

Deeply inspired by the traditions of Contact Improvisation, Butoh, Gabrielle Roth’s 5 Rhythms and Group Motion, we will continue to explore the depths of our bodily, mental, vital and spiritual experiences existing within time and space, embodying these forms under the pressure of gravity, expressing our vertical spines and human beauty.

We will have at least two ecstatic dance jams/meditations in our open air yoga hut overlooking the endless fields of rice and clouds. Awaken your soul under the moon and stars to the beat of your heart and fly, fly fly!!!

Every SUNDAY at 6 pm.

Further times to be announced!

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