You are Conscious, All Pervasive and Perfect.

26 Oct

You are conscious, all-pervasive and perfect. The universe is not at all different from you. What is it that you want to renounce? What are you running after to possess? There is nothing in the world but you. It is you who pervade the universe, who are the perfect and undying principle. There is no difference between you and the world. There is no duality. You fill the whole universe, without differentiation. You are the serene, imperishable, and pure Kundalini, the light of Consciousness. There never was and never will be any ignorance in you. You are the play of universal Consciousness. You are the untainted and unchangeable play of pure Chiti (Consciousness).

Wherever you look, whatever you see, is all your own light. Nothing is different from you. You are present in everything. You should not think of such distinctions as, “I am here, I am not there.” Instead, your constant meditation should be the thought, “I am everywhere, I am the Self of all.” Nothing other than you exists in the world. You are pure Consciousness; you are pure Reality. The whole visible universe is a vibration of you. Why are you suffering when there is no reason for it? Everything is saturated with Chiti. You were real in the very beginning, you are real now, and you will remain real forever.  You do not actually come and go. You are not in bondage, so where is the question of being liberated? Do not let your mind get caught up in the conflicts of desires and doubts. You are everywhere in your fullness; you are the ever blissful Reality.

Muktananda  “Play of Consciousness”

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