Relationship Tapping Workshop

6 Apr

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Relationship Tapping Workshop

Monday, April 8th, 2-4:30 pm

Do you feel like your past relationships impact your current relationship? Do you have difficulty trusting or moving on? Do you repeat the same relationship patterns? Are you ready to move into a more satisfying and fulfilling relationship?

  • Get unstuck from hidden love patterns.
  • Create more Joy, Love and Intimacy.
  • Learn the tools to create a true and lasting love connection.

In this workshop we will use EFT to gain insight on the negative beliefs and scripts that affect the way we relate in intimate relationships. Participants will answer guided questions, followed by group sharing and a tapping session.

This workshop is suitable for everyone, whether you are currently in a relationship or single.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) works directly with the energy system of the body by physically tapping on meridian points (as used in traditional acupuncture) while mentally focusing on a pain or issue that you would like to work on.  EFT has been used to treat tension, low self esteem, stress, anxiety, negative thoughts, fear, relationship issues, fatigue, creative blockage, body image, and chronic physical pain, among others.

3 people – $25/pp    4 people – $20/pp    5 people – $17/pp    6 people – $15/pp

(max.6 people)

Discount available for larger groups

Individualized sessions also available (see the healing page)

Every week we will tackle different themes: Change and Transition, Money, Thriving, Life Purpose, Decision Making, Relationships (with parents, children, co-workers, etc.), Self-Esteem, Chronic Pain, Body Image.

Fawzia is a licensed psychotherapist with over 12 years experience using Body-Oriented and Expressive Arts Techniques. Her work with EFT has proven it to be a very effective technique to clear and release negative beliefs and emotional blocks and to move into a more fulfilling and joyful life.

“My experience with Fawzia was amazing! From the first minute I felt completely at ease. The instructions were clear and very easy to follow. After only two sessions I felt calm and clear about an issue that has been troubling me for years. I feel much more positive and hopeful since seeing Fawzia. I would highly recommend EFT to anyone who wants to resolve an issue that they have been struggling with.”

Sean, Scotland

“I honestly had no idea what to expect with EFT.  I had never even heard of it!  So, I decided to just ‘play it safe’ and work on a physical pain I get in my left leg when I sit in meditation.  What I thought was simply pain from sitting … well; I can’t begin to explain what emotional issues were uncovered.  And, with just one session of tapping, I began to heal from my past AND the pain in my leg subsided.”

Valerie, United States

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