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dharma talks with joel – “yoga of divine love”

21 Jul


What is the real yoga, the true Yoga? It is not the yoga of I’m going to impress you by putting my feet over my head or into my mouth or whichever direction we may put our feet. It is not the yoga of I am going to hold my breath for the next 15 minutes or I am going to sit still here for the next 300 years. This is the yoga of ego. The true yoga is dissolving into Divine Love, that is life, that is Being. The question is not how many advanced asanas you can do in front of the mirror, but how big is your capacity to love yourself and others, not only the humans around you but all of life around you – the elements, all of the creatures in all of the different kingdoms, this world and all other worlds in the subtle planes and beyond.

How much is your capacity for love? Not conditional love – love because of this or because of that. Love because I get what I want, because the sun is shining today, because I’m healthy. But the love that even admits all suffering, disappointment and failure… whether it’s our own suffering or the suffering of those around us or the suffering of the whole universe. The love that expects nothing in return. The love that shines of and by itself, no matter what is or isn’t. This is real strength, real love. It is not about carrying a big log of wood from here to there or even carrying it all the way to the next country. How deep is your Love? This the real yoga, the yoga of Divine Love.

This love is the nourishment for the divine seeds in our heart – the seeds of patience, compassion, understanding, wisdom and beauty. Without this holy water, without this nectar of life that comes from love, these seeds will never grow in us. No matter how hard we try to squeeze it out, we can never pull the tree and the flower and the fruit from the seed. It’s only by watering it and nourishing it with love. And as we awaken to this all embracing love, this lamp of light in our hearts, then eventually it will burn bright and consume us entirely… to the point that there is no longer any separation, any duality. Where there is no more past or future. This fire burns down everything, consumes everything… to the point that we are burning like a giant sun of Love and Truth on this planet. So at first we light the little lamp and that light grows and grows, releasing us from all of our limited stories and thoughts and perceptions and ideas about what is life, who am I, what am I doing, all of these little ideas that we are stuffed full of. Everything is consumed in the fire of love, in the fire of Being, because love is not separate from Being. It’s not another dance we have to learn or another role to play – it is the very nature and essence of everything.

So little by little we take refuge in ourselves and perceive the Divine Love that simply is. Not something we need to create, not something we need to go outside somewhere and look for or go to someone and ask them to show us. We see it everywhere because we are it. We are the love that we are looking for from all those other people, from mommy and daddy, from this girl and that boy, this friend and that boss – all of this confirmation and acceptance that we are seeking for outside of ourselves. Love is our very nature. So this yoga that we practice, of course we do asana, of course we do pranayama, of course we sit in meditation, and do the sacred works and study the sacred texts, all of this. But this is just the outer shell. The real yoga is filling our hearts with this love and dissolving everything, every concept that we’ve ever known, every form that we’ve ever seen, every joy, every suffering, everyone and everything – all into this infinite spiral of Love.


Morning Dharma Talks with Joel

21 Jul

Meditation means radical acceptance. Accept everything simply as it is. Accept the past, the whole past, in one fell swoop accept it all, accept everything that has yet to come, without questioning, without analyzing, simply accept everything as it is. Accept yourself fully and completely, as you are, each hair, each cell, each aspect of your being, each relationship, everything, absolutely everything. Don’t leave anything out of this acceptance. Stop fighting with reality, for a moment, stop trying to fix it, stop trying to win it, stop trying to figure it out. Simply accept it, accept it so completely that there’s nothing left. Not a single question, not a single doubt, not a single desire. This is radical acceptance, this is meditation.

Accept the whole world, the whole universe, accept every single creature on the planet. Accept every single creature that has ever lived on will ever live on the planet. Accept every situation. Accept it whole. If anything arises, any thought or feeling in your body, a memory, a sound, etc. accept it immediately. Don’t even wait a second, don’t hesitate, don’t ask any questions. Simply accept it as it is. Radical acceptance. We spend so much time fighting with life, why not simply accept it?

This state of total acceptance awakens a new kind of freedom, a new kind of energy, a new kind of love.
This radical acceptance is meditation. So in today’s meditation accept everything immediately. Accept it all even before you begin, even before the next moment, accept everything that could possibly arise.  Swallow life whole and be swallowed by life whole.