Work Study Program


The Work Study Program is for students of life, spirit and transformation who would like to be nourished by as well as support an active spiritual community. Come to refresh and renew, explore and simply share in the joys and lessons of living in community. Take a few months out and return back to your source – stepping out of the stories and back into the cycle of life.

Program Includes

  • 3 vegan healing meals
  • Full daily retreat program (yoga classes , meditation, dharma talks, chanting, dance)
  • Open use of art and music studio
  • Use of bicycles
  • Access to a large, diverse library
  • Permaculture and garden projects
  • Spontaneous activities and gatherings
  • Experience living in an intentional conscious community
  • connection with nature and simple living
  • surrounded by ancient temples and traditional culture
  • working with a dynamic international team of people
  • contributing to the local communities
  • participating in always evolving and fresh projects
  • free time and space to explore and develop yourself


1) 2 month minimum commitment
2) 25 hours of work per week
3) 3-4 meal cleanup slots
4) Participation in Saturday meditation intensives
5) Regular participation in classes and meditations
6) $200 per month contribution

Application Process

Please take your time to reflect and answer the following questions.

(1)    What experience do you have living in community?
(2)    What do you wish to contribute to Hariharalaya?
(3)    How do you express yourself creatively?
(4)    Why do you want to be a part of the Hariharalaya community at this time?

Please also include the dates that you would like to come.
We will get back to you within a few days of receiving your responses to further the process along.
Work Study participants will receive shared accommodation, but may be moved into other
accommodation according to need.

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