Student Program


Hariharalaya is a learning center and conscious community where people come to reconnect with their true selves, set up a daily practice of yoga, meditation and awareness and share in creative and conscious living. You will be challenged on many levels to embrace, grow and learn. Be prepared for a intensive and beautiful life experience.

It takes several days to adjust to the pace and rhythm of life on retreat. For your own benefit and out of respect for the retreat environment and community, we require an absolute minimum retreat of two weeks. You will find even one week a short time to settle down, start your daily practice and find your natural rhythm. We suggest coming for at least one month for a more in depth and integrated experience. In order to accommodate your schedule and availability we do not have fixed starting dates and you can join us any time to begin your journey.

Program Includes

  • 3 vegan healing meals
  • Full daily retreat program (yoga classes , meditation, dharma talks, chanting, dance)
  • Open use of art and music studio
  • Use of bicycles
  • Access to a large, diverse library
  • Permaculture and garden projects
  • Spontaneous activities and gatherings
  • Experience living in an intentional conscious community
  • Connection with nature and simple living
  • Surrounded by ancient temples and traditional culture
  • Learning with a dynamic international group of people
  • Participating in always evolving and fresh projects
  • Free time and space to explore and develop yourself

1)  Participation in the full daily program and meditation immersions  (see retreat schedule)
2)  1 hour personal practice of yoga and meditation every day
3)  1.5 hours of selfless service (karma yoga) – 4 days per week, including gardening, cleaning, set up, meal prep, tea duty, sweeping, etc.
4)  1 additional day of silence (mauna yoga) per week
5)  1 day coconut fasting (2 week student program)  or  2 days coconut fasting (4 week student program)
6) Required reading (books can be borrowed from our library or purchased from our bookstore)

  •  Zen Mind, Beginners Mind – Shuryu Suzuki  (first week reading)
  • The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle  (second week reading)
  • Myth of Freedom by Chogyam Trungpa (third week reading)
  • The Grass Grows by Itself by Osho  (fourth week reading)

7)  One on One mentor talks  – once per week
8)   Daily journaling

Application Process
Please email us with the following information:

  • a short personal bio
  • your past/current spiritual practice
  • why you are interested in coming to Hariharalaya at this time
  • the dates you would like to join

We will get back to you within a few days with additional information.

Program Costs


2 weeks

4 weeks



$19.75 per day


$18.75 per day



$29.30 per day


$25.90 per day

Retreat Hut


$35.00 per day


$29.65 per day

If you come together with a friend or partner, you are welcome to share a Private Room or Bamboo Retreat Hut.
The cost for sharing is an additional $140 for one week, $220 for two weeks and $400  for four weeks.

A $50-$100 non refundable deposit is required to reserve your booking
Deposits can be made using our Paypal Account

Balance is due in cash upon arrival
You will be charged the full amount for your retreat, even if you decide to shorten your stay – no refunds after time of arrival
No refunds after arrival

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