REFLEXOLOGY                                                             $20 / one hour
Reflexology is not foot massage! It is an ancient healing method that uses the pressure points in our feet to balance and integrate our body, emotions and mind. The pressure points in our feet are connected with the different organs in our body and to our energetic and emotional bodies as well. By working with the feet, we can experience deep release and balancing as it enables to connect deeper with the roots of our Being. Reflexology is very beneficial for strengthening the nervous and immune systems, regulating problems with digestion, menstrual pains, head aches and much more.

THAI MASSAGE                                                            $20 / one hour
Thai massage is a traditional system that helps to release blockages in the energy channels, improve flexibility, increase blood circulation, open the breath and lungs, release deeply stored tension in the physical and emotional bodies as well as relax and tone the muscles and tissue of the whole body.

INTUITIVE HEALING MASSAGE                          $25 / one hour
Individualized intuitive massage to unlock your body’s own innate healing powers. A unique blend of techniques like Reiki, Cranio-Sacral, Deep Tissue and Bioenergetics that works with the breath to free up blocked emotions, thought patterns and physical trauma. The session ends with an intuitive reading of your state of body-mind-emotions balance and how to manifest your full potential.

REIKI and CHAKRA BALANCING                         $20 / one hour
An energetic healing session that help to balance all the major systems of the body, remove blockages from the important energy centers, cleanse the aura and bring our whole being into balance and harmony. This session helps to connect us with our core, deeply relaxing the body and mind to allow for a fuller, more joyful and integrated approach to life. It is also very beneficial for regulating sleep patterns and releasing emotional trauma.

$30/one and a half hours
EFT works directly with the energy system of the body by physically tapping on meridian points (as used in traditional acupuncture) while mentally focusing on a pain or issue that you would like to work on.  EFT has been used to treat tension, low self esteem, stress, anxiety, negative thoughts, fear, relationship issues, fatigue, creative blockage, body image, and chronic physical pain, among others. EFT is two parts process: the MAPPING session involves answering a series of guided questions that are then used to create a detailed ‘map’ of the issue or pain.  This map is used in the TAPPING session(s) to release ‘emotional charges’ and create ‘positive beliefs’ related to the pain or issue.

KHMER HEAD MASSAGE                                             $6 / half hour
A combination of cranio-sacral and slow, relaxing movements to balance your energy, slow down your brain waves and release facial tension. Good for headaches, sleep problems and tired eyes.

KHMER CUPPING                                                              $5 / half hour
Calm your mind, release stored tension from your muscles, stimulate the flow of blood and breath through your body and organs. A great natural stimulant to help charge your body and mind.

CUPPING AND HEAD MASSAGE COMBO              $10 / one hour

KHMER HEALING MASSAGE                                     $12 / one hour
Relaxing and balancing healing massage with Srey Pin.

TRADITIONAL KHMER HERBAL STEAM             $3 / half hour
Relax your body and mind and release tension in a gentle and healing herbal steam bath. Gaze out at the Cambodian countryside as you sweat away yours toxins and worries.