Meditation Lock In



3 – 10 days

Release hold from daily habits and experience the freedom and clarity of the infinite sky mind. Enter into the depths of the silence and break deep patterns of control and confusion.  Cleanse from food, talking, outer stimulation and explore the depths of your real self.  You will spend this time in a personal meditation hut built with thatch and bamboo in the fields of the Cambodian countryside. Beginning with a consultation with Joel and instruction in breath and meditation techniques, you will write a series of intentions, gratitude, forgiveness and prayers and burn them in a ceremonial fire. Then you will enter the hut for a minimum of 3 days, maximum of 10 days (depending on practice history and consultation). You will be delivered 2 simple meals per day and someone will stop by to remove all waste. You will not be permitted a cell phone, computer or any reading material. We will decide during the consultation whether it is appropriate to have pen and paper. The rest is up to you. Take the time to explore yourself for real – with intensity and sincerity.

For more information, please contact joel at

letting us know why you are interested in this program

3 days $100

5 days nights $150

7 days nights $200

10 days nights $250

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