Classes & Tours


Private Yoga Class (one hour)
Learn how to develop a personal practice, get tips on your current practice or just spend an extra hour on the mat. We offer classes in different styles for different levels. Inquire for more details.
Private Meditation Class(one hour)Private training with an experienced meditator on how to enter into deeper states of relaxation, concentration, and absorption using mindfulness, breathing techniques and focusing techniques. Good for beginners or more advanced practitioners. You can ask questions and get feedback about your different meditative experiences and the stages on the path. $25
Private Breathing Training (one hour)
Learn to control your mind, emotions and physical energy by unlocking the hidden powers of the breath. Discover how to breathe fully and learn different individualized breathing techniques to enable you to calm your mind, energize your body and balance your energy. Each class is based on the individual’s needs and works to create a personal practice that can bring long lasting benefits.
Optimal Health Coaching (one hour)
This session helps you gain more energy, feel better and look better! Our integral program focuses on diet, exercise, yoga/stretching, breathing, sleeping, leisure, meditation, creative outlets and supplementation to help support your wholeness. We work together with you to create a plan that fits your needs, your lifestyle and your choices – and support you with ways to help you reach your goals.
Healing Foods Cooking Class (two hours)
Learn to cook local, seasonal, healthy foods – discover how to prepare simple, wholesome meals without breaking the bank or spending hours in the kitchen. Pulling from a variety of international vegan cooking traditions (including Indian, Middle Eastern, Khmer and Mediterranean). We will make a salad, a dressing, a soup, a main course and a dessert. (minimum 3 pax)
$15 pp
Ox Cart Ride Around the Village (one and a half hours)
Turn back the clocks and slow down your pace – an amazing opportunity to see the Cambodian countryside and really take in the energy and rhythm of life. Two gigantic white Indian cows will pull you and one other guest in an old fashioned wooden cart around our village, making a loop around these traditional Cambodian farming streets, stopping for Coconuts in front of Bakong Temple and returning back to Hariharalaya. A once in a lifetime opportunity!
$20     (2 pax)
Trip to the Floating Village (Kompong Phlok) (four hours)
Enjoy a relaxing boat ride winding through the channels and village of Kompong Phluck eventually entering into the Tonle Sap Lake. You can sit and watch the sunset over the lake, or take a day trip and rent a canoe for $5 (2 people) to explore the floating forest mangroves. (minimum 4 pax)
$15 pp